Weekly planner for kids – Timetable for kids | FREE Printable

Find ideas and a free weekly planner for kids to help your kid’s get organized.

Being organized is a skill that is important to incorporate into your kids routine. Organizing Skills are something that takes time to develops in kids. Thus, critical thinking, organizing and creativity are behaviours that need to be grounded in kids at the right age.

How you can teach your kids to get organized?

  1. Tell them the power and importance of organizing.
  2. Share stories of successful people who say organizing was their one of the great power.
  3. Use kids friendly planners, timetables and chore charts to help them plan their daily routine.
  4. Establish homework and play patterns.
  5. Help them set deadlines and goals.
  6. Use reward stickers to get kids to stick to the routine and remain motivated.

We have made a beautiful weekly planner for kids to help them get organized. This weekly planner comes really handy when scheduling your daily goals and routine. Plan your kids weeks with these amazing weekly planner free printables. Kids can plan their week each Sunday and then they have to follow the schedule for the whole week. Kids can use these as weekly schedules or a timetable for kids.


Print the PDF file by clicking the pictures below.

Weekly Planner for kids


timetable for kids - Weekly Planner for kids


Weekly planner for kids


Weekly planner for kids
Timetable for kids

Click this link for more weekly planner templates.

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  1. Thank you so much I hope I can print some asap and get this started I feel like this is a great tool to help me with taking things slower and more efficient for me and my daughter


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